Wishing Wall

Share your best wishes to the recipients of the SINDA Excellence Awards 2021.

Dear Azman, Congratulations! I’m extremely proud of how much you have grown as in individual. You’ve always been exceptional with whatever you’ve done, giving it your very best. Your tenacity and persistence thus far has been nothing short of inspiring. Here’s wishing you all the success and happiness you deserve. I’ll always be rooting for you!

Keshini Ram

16 September 2021, 11:23:30 pm

Congratulations to Harjeet.


13 September 2021, 1:15:17 am

Congrats Best wishes for Harjeet to received the award


11 September 2021, 3:06:46 am

My heratiest congratulations to all receipients. Well done and wishing you more sucess in your studies and a future fullfilled with your aspirations.

Shabbir Hassanbhai

11 September 2021, 2:47:39 am

Harjeet I am proud of you my brother. All the best wishes and sucess for ever, keep rocking


11 September 2021, 2:23:51 am

Congratulations Harjeet, very proud of you, keep Rocking.


11 September 2021, 2:17:31 am

Congratulations Harjeet, Best wishes for your wonderful future and for many more success.


11 September 2021, 2:05:45 am

Dear Harshitha srinivasan,This is awesome achievement,we all feel proud of you. Keep rocking as ever.

Pradeep ranganathan

11 September 2021, 1:51:21 am

congratulations for getting this award. hope this award helps you achieve more in life.

mohamed azlan

11 September 2021, 1:46:59 am

Congratulations Harjeet

Rajagopal Gopinath

11 September 2021, 1:32:46 am

Congratulations Jason on your remarkable achievement. Wishing you even more achievements in your career. Congratulations to all the winners and achievers too. You all have wrestled with many challenges to be where you are now. This can do spirit will see you through whatever life brings. Keep up your spirits and keep shining - for yourself, family and the community. Congratulations again.


13 September 2021, 5:01:25 am

Congrats Harjeet 🎉 Your hard work and efforts paid off, keep rocking in your next level too. With love, Satheesh & family


11 September 2021, 5:20:24 am

Congratulations to all award recipients who have risen to the challenge and succeeded in their various fields.

Pradeep ranganathan

11 September 2021, 2:56:50 am

Harjeet, congratulations, It's awesome,we all proud of you. Keep rocking.


11 September 2021, 2:27:16 am

Harjeet congratulations. You deserve for the hard work and dedication. Made you dad and mom ver proud. God bless you sucess for ever, keep rocking


11 September 2021, 2:21:36 am

Congratulations Harjeet, very proud of you. All the best Wishes


11 September 2021, 2:15:41 am

Dear Sanjeev Giri,This is a awesome achievement.We all proud of you .keep rocking

Pradeep ranganathan

11 September 2021, 1:52:36 am

Dear Harjeet,We feel proud of you.This is recognition for your success of hardwork and determination.God bless you keep rocking.

Pradeep ranganathan

11 September 2021, 1:49:23 am

Dear Danmathi, This is a recognition for the success of hard work and determination.All of us are proud of you.Keep rocking .

Pradeep ranganathan

11 September 2021, 1:45:45 am

This is Awesome Harjeet and Congratulations & All the best and proud of u.. Continue to keep the momentum and keep going.

Sreenu Reddy. G

11 September 2021, 1:13:56 am